AcroGasm 3.0

Jason, Lux and Chelsey are at it again this fall with another 6, maybe 7, city tour! Drawing from SeattleAcro and Slacro, expect to challenge your body, your mind and the way you think about this practice. Please join us. This is one of our annual highlights.

Oct 18 - 20 Boston
Oct 25 - 27 Chicago
Nov 1 - 3 San Francisco
Nov 8 - 10 Seattle
Nov 15 - 17 San Diego
Jan 10 - 12 Austin
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BC Acrobatics with Lux and Yani

Saturday and Sunday
Dec 7th Sat. 10 am - 1 pm and 3 pm - 6 pm
Dec 8th Sun. 10 am - 1 pm and 3 pm - 6 pm

814 pandora st Vancouver BC

Lux and Yanai team up to bring you a very special acro event! We are sure you will find their combined instruction inspiring and challenging

Session One:
Intermediate transitions:
Learn the nuances of shifting weight fluidly in transitions. We will focus on taking the "clunk" out of your practice. We will explore washing machines as our vehicle

Special Tricks
This session will introduce some novel poses and unique transitions. Some are simple and within everyone's reach, others will take more than a few moments to master… This will include both L-basing and standing poses.

Working on trios is a very special treat offering endless possibilities, complex communication and delicate balance. In this workshop we will introduce you to some ingenious three-way balance poses, with increasing levels of difficulty. Take this opportunity to break out of the dichotomous base-flyer relationship by injecting a third person into the mix, and discover a whole new world of acro!

Advanced level acro
If you've been practicing for about a year or more and feel you have mastered the basics – this session is definitely for you! You should feel comfortable and stable (either as a flyer or as a base) in: Star, shoulder-stand in hands, standing on shoulders (base standing), and be able to move fluidly in transitions like ninjastar and other washing machines.

In these workshop we will take you through complex and challenging poses, examining both the mechanics and the spirit of high-level acro partnership. You should have reasonable strength, considerable stamina and lots of enthusiasm in order to get the most out of this one!

Coming from Israel, Yanai is a long-time student of Yoga and has been teaching acrobalance for over 13 years. He has performed around the world and led many workshops for both beginners and advanced levels. His clear language, ability to diagnose problems and accurate instructions are highly appreciated by his students worldwide.

Based in Seattle and the founder of SeattleAcro, Lux has been practicing various forms of partner balancing for 12 years. He works to push the physical and cognitive edges of practitioners, creating unique and innovative postures and transitions.